We have all heard the buzzword ‘Workcation’ banded around the media over the last few months. Put simply, a workcation is when you take a trip somewhere and combine it with working remotely while you are there. It is a chance to clear your head and enjoy a change of scenery while still working and use your downtime to relax or explore a new area.

The concept of the workcation is not new, the Wall Street Journal was writing about them five years ago. The concept of ‘digital nomads’, people who travel the world while holding down an online job, has been around for much longer than that.

Until recently this was a niche travel trend, but with many more people now able to work remotely and with the pandemic tempting some to ‘lockdown’ in a more exotic location, it is becoming a much more widespread phenomenon. The growth of virtual learning has also made it easier for families to take workcations and long term stays together without compromising their children’s education.

Enjoying a workcation in SitgesOf course, not everyone can take a workcation or extended stay. Some people have jobs and professions that are tied to a particular location with no flexibility. But if you are one of the lucky ones with a job that can be done entirely from a home office, then why not a beach, a mountain cafe or from a poolside sun lounger?

Workcations can give you a whole new perspective on your professional life and help you find a healthier balance between work and play, among many other benefits. If you are planning a workcation or extended stay in a different location, then why not consider the beautiful town of Sitges? We are obviously biased as we live and work in the town, but this also means we have insider knowledge of what makes Sitges such a great location.

So, why do we think Sitges is a great place for a workcation or extended stay? Here are our top 10 reasons.

1. Sitges is so easy to get to

Barcelona airport is just 30 minutes away and offers great flight connections with cities all over Europe and around the world. Several European budget airlines fly into Barcelona airport so getting here does not have to be expensive either. There are two other international airports (Girona and Reus) within 90 minutes. It is not a problem if you would rather not fly as the area is well connected to the high-speed rail networks of Europe and the French border is just 2 hours by road.

2. Great year-round climate

Sitges enjoys a Mediterranean climate with comfortable temperatures and over 300 sunny days a year.  Winters here are generally mild, dry, and sunny making them perfect for outdoor activities. It is not too hot or humid in summer either, with daytime temperatures rarely exceeding 30°C (86°F) and it is comfortable at night.

3. A beautiful location

This was once a small fishing village and the charming narrow cobbled streets and quaint fishermen’s houses are still there today. Later Sitges became a hip enclave of bohemian cool, attracting writers, artists and intellectuals. Its legacy can be glimpsed in some of the buildings that grace the town such as Cau Ferrrat, Rusiñol’s former home now a museum, and the magnificent Maricel Palace. For many, it is the magnificent Paseo Maritimo that is the real jewel of Sitges. This beautiful 2.5km long palm-fringed promenade passes 17 sandy beaches and is a paradise for walking, running, biking and generally getting out and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

4. Excellent Communications

Fast and reliable internet services and strong mobile signal make Sitges an ideal location for home and remote working.

5. Relaxed & healthy lifestyle

This once hip enclave of bohemian cool has evolved over time to become a sophisticated beach resort with a laid-back and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The beaches, warm sea and mild sunny climate are all highly conducive to a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle enjoyed all year around by locals and visitors alike.

6. Lower cost of living

Although Sitges is one of the more expensive areas in Spain, you will still be pleasantly surprised at the lower cost of living here, particularly if you are visiting from countries in Northern Europe, the USA and Canada, for example. Utility costs are generally lower, food and alcohol from supermarkets are better value than in many other countries and eating out is still very affordable.

7. Large resident expat and international business community

The welcoming and cosmopolitan atmosphere of Sitges and its proximity to Barcelona has attracted many expats from around the world to set up home and businesses in the town. This means that English is widely spoken by professional service firms such as accountants and lawyers and there is a good business support network should you need it. There are English, American, French, and German schools in the area serving the international community. Unlike many tourist towns that shut down out of season, Sitges has a large permanently resident population and pretty much everything stays open all year.

8. So much culture, right on your doorstep

Sitges is rich in cultural activities and social events. The Sitges Carnival is the main event of the year with as many as 300,000 people attending the 7 days of festivities. Add to this Festa Mayor and the festivals of San Juan and Santa Tecla and there will be plenty to keep you partying into the early hours. There are also a number of international conferences and events held in the town, the most notable of which is the Sitges International Film Festival offering 10 days of special screenings and film premieres in the fantasy and horror genre, attracting some of the best-known names in the movie world.

9. So many experiences to enjoy in the area

There is so much to see and do in Sitges that you will never be bored, but if you did want to venture out of town then there is even more to enjoy. The world-famous city of Barcelona is a quick train ride away. Sitges is surrounded by the Penedes wine and cava producing region with unlimited opportunities for wine tasting and gourmet food experiences. The PortAventura and Ferrariland theme parks are just over an hour by road. There is great hiking and biking in the nearby Garraf Natural Park and white water rafting in the Pyrenees mountains. You an even go skiing with the nearest resorts just 2 hours away.

10. Wonderful collection of high-quality long term rental properties

Sitges can provide you with exactly the kind of home from home experience that you are looking for – whether you dream of spending your working hours sipping Cappuccinos on a sunny terrace overlooking the beach or perhaps lounging in the gardens of a luxury villa beside your own private pool. Many of our properties will offer discounted rates for longer term rentals out of season and are open to negotiation.

Have we inspired you to enjoy a workcation or extended stay in Sitges? If so, please get in touch and we will help you choose the perfect property from our collection. Feel free to email us at [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 3287 6597.