Introducing Ferrari Land, Spain’s Newest Theme Park

Tune up your engines for hours of high-speed fun and adventure now Ferrari Land has roared into action. This brand-new sports car attraction inside the PortAventura theme park opens its doors to the public for the first time in 2017. It covers an area of 70,000 square metres and is inspired by and dedicated to the iconic motoring company. But, the spectacular destination isn’t just for petrol heads who love to burn rubber, it’s for all members of the family who revel in the thrills, spills and adrenalin-pumping fun of theme parks.

The Need for Speed

Ferrari’s cars are known for their formidable speeds, a fact that hasn’t escaped the notice of the designers of Ferrari Land’s rides.  Strap yourself into the Vertical Accelerator, which lays claim to being the tallest and fastest vertical accelerator in Europe.  As you are propelled to a height of 112 metres in just five seconds you will reach speeds of 180 km/h.  That’s equivalent to 1.35 G.  The accelerator route extends to 880 metres, the equivalent of seven football pitches.  This incredible ride, like all the others in the park is painted in the brand’s signature red (called Rosso Corsa – the colour is exclusive to Ferrari), and the carriages look like real Formula 1 cars.

There’s more high-speed excitement and gravity-defying fun on the Bounce-Back Tower, the design of which was inspired by engine pistons.  This attraction propels riders up to a height of 55 metres before bringing them back down toward the ground.

Experience the Thrills of the Track

One of the park’s biggest highlights is how it uses technology to bring visitors close to the trackside action.  Head into the Ferrari Experience Building, the centrepiece of Ferrari Land.  Under the structure’s massive dome, the Virtual F1 Experience lets you experience the adrenalin rush of being a driver racing round a circuit at top speed.  Meanwhile, the Virtual GT Experience lets you feel what it’s like to be inside a Ferrari GT.

Another way to feel something of what it is like to be a Formula 1 driver is to get behind the wheel of one of the driving simulators.  There are eight in total, six for adults and two for children.  Then, if you really feel the need for speed compete against other visitors on the 570-metre racing track.

Ferrari Land also knows how to keep very young members of the family amused and entertained.   They can enjoy their own generous slice of fun in the children’s play area, which features a labyrinth of intertwining slides.

The parks also boasts a pit stop simulator.  Here you compete with your friends and family against other teams to see who can adjust the tyres of an F1 car in the quickest possible time.

Scheduled Pit Stops

When you need to make your own pit stop and refuel, there is a range of mouthwatering options. Fancy some hearty and traditional Italian fare?  Then savour the cuisine of the Trattoria.  If you are looking for something quick, try the snack bars and the meals on offer at the car-themed fast food restaurant.

Even More Attractions

Among Ferrari Land’s other attractions are an interactive journey through the story of the Italian motor racing team, a freefall tower, an official Ferrari store and three different live shows at different points of the day

Start Your Engines and Go, Go, Go!

For details of opening times and tickets, which includes options for combined visits to PortAventura, go to Ferrari Land’s official website or contact the Sitges Hills Villas services team for any special offers and discounts on services(at)

The new theme park is very close to Sitges, about 72 kilometres away, and the most convenient way to get there is by car which takes around 50 minutes.

*Images courtesy of Port Aventura Entertainment, S.A.U.