The 56th edition of The International Fantastic Film Festival of Sitges, taking place between the 5th – 15th October 2023, has begun ticket sales, breaking all-time records with nearly 50,000 tickets sold in just two days, 10,000 more than in the previous edition.

During the 24-hour pre-sale (accessible only to pack and pass buyers), a total of 34,392 tickets were redeemed or sold. On the first day of open sales, an additional 14,804 tickets were added.

The new works by Hayao Miyazaki (“The Boy and the Heron”), Yorgos Lanthimos (“Poor Creatures”), J.A. Bayona (“The Snow Society”), Carlota Pereda (“The Hermitage”), and Pablo Berger (“Robot Dreams”) have been the most requested sessions.

The festival organization has also been surprised by the strong overall performance of the New Visions and Panorama sections, which have significantly increased their sales, especially due to the “excitement generated by titles” such as ‘Sleep’ by Jason Yu, ‘Concrete Utopia’ by Um Tae-hwa, ‘Lumberjack the Monster’ by Takashi Miike, ‘Riddle of Fire’ by Weston Razooli, and ‘Late Night with the Devil’ by Cameron and Colin Cairnes. EFE

Presenting Five Distinguished Award Recipients

We are thrilled to unveil the names of the five esteemed award winners at this year’s Festival, each representing significant milestones in various film genres and facets of cinematic artistry.

Hideo Nakata, the visionary Japanese director renowned for sending chills down our spines with ‘THE RING’ and the recipient of the Best Feature Film award at the 1999 Festival, will be honoured with the Time Machine Award. Nakata holds a pivotal role as one of the most influential horror directors of the past two decades, particularly for introducing J-horror to Western audiences. Additionally, his latest creation, ‘THE FORBIDDEN PLAY,’ will captivate audiences as part of the Panorama section.

Phil Tippet, the creative genius behind the colossal ‘MAD GOD’ and a two-time Academy Award winner for his groundbreaking visual effects supervision in ‘STAR WARS: EPISODE VI – RETURN OF THE JEDI’ and ‘JURASSIC PARK,’ will graciously accept the Honorary Grand Prize.

Jan Harlan, the distinguished producer renowned for his integral role in shepherding Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic masterpieces from ‘A CLOCKWORK ORANGE’ to ‘EYES WIDE SHUT,’ will be celebrated as a third award recipient. Notably, ‘THE SHINING,’ one of his most iconic productions, will illuminate the Festival’s screens.

Adding to the illustrious list, J.A. Bayona, the director of ‘SOCIETY OF THE SNOW,’ will be bestowed with the Time Machine Award, reinforcing a profound connection that began with his unforgettable debut, ‘THE ORPHANAGE.’

Lastly, the fifth award will be presented to Lee Unkrich, the prolific director and animator responsible for some of Pixar’s most beloved classics, including ‘TOY STORY 3’ and ‘COCO.’ Unkrich will also share his invaluable insights in a masterclass, providing a unique opportunity to delve into his illustrious career.

About The International Fantastic Film Festival of Sitges

Established in 1968 as the inaugural International Week of Fantasy and Horror Movies, the Festival has evolved into a pivotal gathering for cinema enthusiasts and those eager to explore the latest trends and technologies within the realms of horror and fantasy films. The International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia holds the esteemed position of being the world’s premier fantasy film festival, renowned for its longevity and substantial influence within the media and film industry.

With a rich history, this event provides a dynamic platform for the presentation of fantastic cinema from across the globe, featuring meetings, exhibitions, presentations, and screenings. Notably, Sitges boasts a legacy of hosting esteemed luminaries from the film world, including luminaries such as David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, and many others. This star-studded attendance, edition after edition, remains an irresistible draw for both audiences and the media.

Each year, Sitges gears up for its annual rendezvous, welcoming fans of the fantastic genre, industry professionals, and the press. The Festival brilliantly blends the best contemporary genre cinema with retrospectives of films that have indelibly marked the history of fantasy. Additionally, it pays homage to cinematic icons with a special affinity for the fantastic. Furthermore, the Sitges Film Festival holds the distinction of being recognised by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood, contributing to the pre-selection of winning short films in the fiction and animation categories for the prestigious Oscar® Awards.

Tickets for the event are available on the official festival website here –