The gripping new Netflix hit drama series “Who is Erin Carter?” has hit TV screens around the world to great critical acclaim. While the performances of the key actors in the series have rightly drawn significant praise, so have the beautiful location settings filmed in both Barcelona and Sitges. Anyone familiar with Sitges would have enjoyed recognising the various locations around the town and seafront used as the setting for many of the pivotal scenes in the series.

“Who Is Erin Carter? unfolds the story of a British teacher living and working in Barcelona, whose life takes a tumultuous turn during a supermarket robbery. When she unexpectedly becomes the hero by confronting the robbers all on her own, it shocks her young daughter and sets off a chain of events that threatens to shatter her idyllic existence.

One of the robbers recognises Erin, and despite her efforts to move past the heist, she finds herself increasingly scrutinised by those around her, including her own daughter. The series unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of Catalonia, Spain, showcasing the exquisite life Erin has painstakingly crafted for herself and her child, along with the high stakes she faces in safeguarding it.

This captivating Netflix series, spanning seven episodes, has launched Swedish talent Evin Ahmad to international stardom, while it also features leading roles for UK talent including Douglas Henshall, Jamie Bamber and Sean Teale.

Filmed on location in Catalonia during September and October of 2022, the series promises to be a thrilling and visually stunning experience.

The production crew faced a unique challenge during the filming of their project in Barcelona. While most of their essential settings were conveniently located within the city itself, they had to venture approximately 35 kilometers away to capture an action-packed car chase that couldn’t be accommodated within the bustling streets of the capital.

Showrunner Jack Lothian candidly shared, “Filming in Barcelona isn’t without its challenges. Understandably, they prioritise their city’s daily life and aren’t thrilled about film crews disrupting their streets, which is entirely reasonable. If I were Barcelona, I’d feel the same way.”

To overcome this hurdle, the team ventured to nearby Sitges, which proved to be more receptive to their needs. They effectively conveyed their vision for the car chase scenes and the specific street requirements to the Sitges authorities, who were remarkably accommodating.

Filming took place in Sitges during late April and May 2022, initially under the working title “Palomino.” Various key locations were utilised, including the vicinity of the church, the Casa Vidal Quadras in Port Alegre, and the ‘La Torreta’ viewing area overlooking San Sebastián beach.

Throughout their shoot, the crew also captured scenes on Passeig de la Ribera, inside the Hotel ME, a villa in Can Girona, the port of Vallcarca, and the road leading up to Campdàsens. Towards the end of May, the team returned to Sitges to film additional sequences, including some on Carrer Santiago Rusiñol and the section of the Carretera de les Costes near the hospital.

Approximately 100 individuals participated in the filming in Sitges, where they established their base in the Aquatic car park and set up staff support catering facilities near La Fragata.

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Sitges has been the setting for dozens of movies, dramas and documentaries over the years including the 1960s horror classic ‘The Day of the Triffids’, drama films ‘Kiss Me’ and ‘Savage Grace’ as well as the documentary mini-series ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’.