Sitges Culture and Festivals

With its many festivals and deeply ingrained artistic roots, Sitges is a city that lives, breathes and celebrates culture.

Sitges hosts a busy calendar of festivals throughout the year that covers everything from food, motoring and music to arts and crafts.  The biggest festival is held in February and known as Carnival.  It attracts around 250,000 visitors every year, all there to experience the extraordinary food, amazing street parades, vibrant costumes and non-stop partying.  The Sitges gay pride festival is held just four days before Carnival and attracts visitors from all over the world, making it one of the world’s most popular gay events.

The world-renowned Sitges Film Festival celebrates the movie genre of fantasy and horror.  Held every October, it screens more than 300 movies and attracts thousands of film buffs as well as the movers and shakers from the film world.  The festival also holds an award ceremony, the “Marias” recognising the best in the industry.

Sitges’ artistic reputation was built on the many cultural figures that lived in the city in the 19th century including artists, sculptors and literary figures.  It was during this time a new movement began, called Modernisme or Catalan Modernism.  This movement was based around lifting Catalan culture to match the sophisticated cultures throughout Europe.  Modernisme was expressed through music, Art Nouveau and in architecture.

Thankfully today Sitges has preserved this artistic influence that can be seen all over the city.  Its wonderfully designed buildings, many museums and galleries and non-stop festivals celebrated throughout the year lets visitors truly experience the best of Sitges culture.