Catalonia has been crowned the World Region of Gastronomy for 2025, a prestigious accolade bestowed by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts, and Tourism (IGCAT). This recognition comes as a testament to Catalonia’s unwavering commitment to fostering a sustainable and resilient food future through collaborative efforts across various sectors.

Diane Dodd PhD, President of IGCAT, officially presented the award at a grand ceremony held on November 8 at the Gastronomic Forum Barcelona, acknowledging the relentless dedication of countless individuals in Catalonia who have painstakingly preserved Catalan cuisine, culture, and culinary heritage. Emphasizing Catalonia’s allure as a destination for food enthusiasts, Dodd hailed the region’s well-deserved recognition, extending warm congratulations.

Catalonia positioned globally as a premier destination for gastronomy

Local government representatives hailed the significance of this award in positioning Catalonia globally as a premier destination for gastronomy, fostering economic opportunities across various sectors while advocating for a sustainable tourism model through their National Commitment for Responsible Tourism.

The event, moderated by gastronomic journalist Carme Gasull, featured insights from regional stakeholders like chef Oriol Castro and livestock farmer Mònica Soler, offering diverse perspectives as representatives of Catalonia, the World Region of Gastronomy 2025.

During this landmark event, the Government of Catalonia launched a manifesto, inviting regional stakeholders and citizens to pledge their support for the World Region of Gastronomy 2025 program. The manifesto outlined various commitments, including the promotion of gastronomic heritage, advocating for a shift towards regenerative tourism, fostering professionalism in the food sector, and embracing the principles of a circular economy.

New initiatives announced for establishing Catalonia as a hallmark for food and wine tourism

This recognition also marked the initiation of new initiatives aimed at establishing Catalonia as a hallmark for food and wine tourism. These initiatives encompass a wide array of activities, including the International Week of the World Gastronomy Region, Àpat Catalunya, and the Som Gastronomia Tour 2025, all designed to spotlight food production, Catalan cuisine, and the region’s allure as a top-tier tourist destination.

The Gastronomic Forum Barcelona 2023, a pinnacle for hospitality and gastronomy professionals, emphasized the role of transformative cuisine in biodiversity preservation and societal transformation, featuring numerous activities led by experts advocating for local products, traditional techniques, and reduction of food waste.

Celebrating Catalonia’s rich culinary heritage

Catalonia’s journey to achieving this esteemed title traces back to 2016 when it was recognized as a European Region of Gastronomy. Building on this foundation, Catalonia’s bid for the World Region of Gastronomy 2025 title showcased a comprehensive action plan, impressing the international jury with its commitment to inter-sectoral collaboration and sustainability. Consequently, Catalonia’s readiness and visionary approach earned it the prestigious World Region of Gastronomy 2025 title.

The Catalonia, World Region of Gastronomy 2025 candidacy and program have been a collaborative effort involving stakeholders from the public, private, third, and knowledge sectors, united in their dedication to celebrating and promoting Catalonia’s rich culinary heritage and sustainable gastronomic practices.