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In response to the current global health crisis we are introducing our new “SafeStay” policy designed to protect our guests, our owners and our team without compromising on our usual high standards of service and care.

This new policy includes innovative solutions such as contactless check in, virtual concierge service and deep cleaning / sanitisation procedures, all designed to give you and your family complete peace of mind and reassurance when staying with us with us.

1. Professional Deep Cleaning / Sanitisation

Our villas and apartments are always cleaned to the highest standards and great care is taken when preparing the property for your stay. All our properties will now also be professionally deep cleaned and fully disinfected before each stay. 

So, your chosen property will be deep cleaned, with all appliances and surfaces fully sanitised, and then sealed.  The first people to enter the property after it has been sealed will be your family.

All linen and towels provided at the property are professionally washed at 60 degrees. However, as an additional service, you will have the option of ordering brand new linen and towels for your stay at an extra cost. Or to save costs you are most welcome to bring your own linen and towels.

There will be hand sanitizer available in all properties.

2. Online / Contactless Check in (via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp)

Our check-in and check-out procedures have been streamlined and moved online so that we can now offer you a fully contactless experience from the moment you arrive in Sitges until the time you leave your property.

3. Virtual Guest Concierge Service (via Skype or WhatsApp)

We want to maintain our company ethos of always being available to our guests face-to-face to ensure that their stay with us runs as smoothly and enjoyably as possible, but without creating the need for unnecessary personal contact.

In addition to our 24 hour telephone helpline, our new virtual concierge team will be available during office hours on either Skype or WhatsApp to answer any questions you might have or arrange any services that you would like during your stay.

If you would prefer to keep your supermarket visits to a minimum during your stay, our concierge team can arrange for both groceries and freshly cooked food to be delivered right to your door.

For more information about our "SafeStay" policy please email us at