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Gay Sitges

Sitges has been a popular destination for the gay community for more than 25 years. Attracted by its beautiful beaches, thriving nightlife and stunning architecture, it’s easy to see why gay travellers from all corners of the world flock to Sitges every year. As well as being a popular gay resort Sitges is also a favourite with families from Spain and all over Europe and the two sets of visitors happily co-exist together.

Sitges has more than 17 beaches and three predominately gay beaches. The most well known is Playa De la Bassa Rodona and there are two gay naturist beaches - Playa De Las Balmins and Playa del Muerto. All beaches offer comfortable sun lounges, umbrellas and refreshments to let visitors relax and enjoy Sitges’ fun-loving atmosphere.

There’s no doubt Sitges is a city that loves a party an is home to countless festivals throughout the year. The biggest gay event on the festival calendar is Sitges Gay Carnival every February. Held just before the major Sitges Carnival, it features a packed programme of events and most of the gay bars and clubs also hold their own party nights throughout the carnival.

However Sitges gay clubs and bars can also be enjoyed all year round and there are plenty to choose from.  Air Coco is the ideal place to start your night, where you can relax and take in the sunset over a cocktail or three. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy its many bars as clubbing doesn’t typically kick off until 3am. The most famous gay clubs in Sitges are Organic and Trailer.

Even if you want to just take it easy, Sitges’ many galleries, museums and various leisure activities ensures you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied during your stay.

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