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Expert Property Management Services

Sitges Hills Villas (SHV) offers comprehensive, no-nonsense property management and maintenance services to property owners in Sitges and surrounding areas - whether you are renting out your property yourself or via an agency, or you simply want your property to be looked after while you are away:


= Protection of the value of your property

= Control and reduction of your maintenance costs

= Maximisation of your rental opportunities and rental income

= Happy clients who will want to return again and again

= Maximisation of your sale opportunities and price

SHV offers a professional, personal and comprehensive service designed to ensure that your property is maintained and cared for in your absence to the very highest standards. 
SHV aims to maximise the financial success of your property, while at the same time ensuring that your interests are always protected.

Services include property maintenance, key holding, property security checks, holiday rental management, pool and garden maintenance, property improvement plans, house staging and additional services.

Areas covered: Sitges (Aiguadolc, Valpineda, Quint Mar, Levantina, Montgavina, Mas Alba, Els Cards etc), San Pere de Ribes, Olivella (Mas Mestre, Las Colinas, Can Suria, Mas Mila etc), Castelldefels & Gava.


Holiday Rental Management

The Holiday Rental Management package includes all relevant services for the preparation and management of your property while it is rented out on a short term basis, as well as services geared to ensure that your holiday guests are well looked after during their stay. SHV believes that the key to successful holiday rentals is ensuring that guests feel special. Some guests are easy to please whereas others would like to be taken care of and need more attention.

Happy Guests = Returning guests

= Good Reviews for potential guests

= Word-of-mouth recommendations to friends and colleagues

SHV will contact your guests one week before their planned arrival. Property directions and any additional advice which may be required are provided at that point. Guests can have special food/drink packs delivered pre-arrival, at their request. Tourist guides and information is left at your property. Upon arrival guests are personally greeted and shown around the property. To make sure your guests want for nothing, they can choose from the additional SHV holiday services on offer. In addition, SHV always tries to accommodate special requests your guests may have to make their holiday complete.

In addition, a 24 hours contact number will be left with the guests in case of any emergency or other questions, and they will be able to contact an SHV team member at any time.

Behind the scenes, SHV will ensure that your property runs smoothly and that any issues that may arise because of the intensified use will be dealt with swiftly to keep any disturbance to a minimum. When your guests leave, apart from arranging for an efficient change-over with cleaners and laundry services, SHV will make sure that everything has been left as it was found, thoroughly checking the property against the inventory. Should there be any issues, SHV will ensure that it is put right and will deal accordingly with the security deposit holder to release funds to replace broken items or cover extra cleaning.

Special grocery pre-arrival deliveries or activities are charged directly to the guest. Laundry, cleaning, pool and garden maintenance charges are dependent on the characteristics of your property and your requirements regarding priorities and budgets.

Holiday Rental Management package includes:

√  Client contact once booking has been confirmed re property location and other general enquiries
√  Arrange property welcome packages (e.g. local cava, wine, tea, fresh milk etc.)
√  Optional arrival grocery shopping
√  Meet & Greet clients
√  Property and area familiarisation
√  Arranging, where possible, for additional services, such as maid service, babysitting and activity plans
√  Client care (assist when things go wrong, e.g. translate during a doctor visit, call a taxi)
√  24 hours Guest Helpline
√  Client check-out, including liaising with security deposit holder and, if necessary, also owner re any deposit retention for damage/extra cleaning
√  Arrange and supervise pre, mid and final cleaning
√  Arrange laundry service
√  Refill of cleaning products and replenish crockery & glassware stocks
√  Supervision of garden maintenance
√  Supervision of pool maintenance
√  Advising on décor, equipment, repairs and decoration

Holiday Rental Set-Up Service

The holiday rental market is booming! The SHV Rental Set Up Services help you to capitalise on this market. Whether it is your first time or you have already rented out your property to friends or guests, there are many ways to maximise your rental income potential without jeopardising the balance of happy guests and a cared for property.

SHV Rental Set Up Services range from practical advice as to how to set up your property for holiday rental, potential pitfalls to watch out for, rental income and associated costs projections, to hands on assistance in getting your house ready, photographed in the best light and effectively advertised.

Getting your house ready

The first consultation with a rental specialist from SHV is FREE. The consultation includes advice on the following:

The suitability of your property and your best options for positioning your property (i.e. basic, medium or high range, or deluxe rental).

- Number of guests that can be accommodated.

- Furnishing requirements - garden design and maintenance.

- Any property renovation/adjustments needed.

- Potential income and associated cost projections.

After the meeting you will receive by e-mail a detailed "To-Do-List" and the financial summary of cost and income projections.

When the "To-Do-List" is agreed, you may want to do all or part of the preparation yourself. SHV is happy to assist you with any part of the implementation of the set up plan, be it to purchase furniture within the agreed budget and assemble it, supervise small building works, give the garden a face lift, varnish the deck chairs, etc., no job is too small or big - the aim is to get everything finished in time for the arrival of your guests.

Photo Shoot

Once the property is more or less ready for rental you need to start planning the advertising of your property, which includes taking high quality photos that capture the true holiday feeling. Far too often we have seen property owners losing out on bookings or renting their properties below value because the properties are not properly represented.

Holiday Rental Set Up services include:

√  Advice on the suitability and best options for property positioning (i.e. basic, medium or high range, or deluxe rental) (FREE)
√  Advice on number of guests that can be accommodated and furnishing requirements (FREE)
√  Recommendations on garden design and maintenance (FREE)
√  Advice on property renovations and/or adjustments (FREE)
√  Potential income and associated cost projections (FREE)
√  Rental Set Up "To-do-list" (FREE)
√  Furniture purchase and assembly
√  Linen and other smaller items purchase
√ Getting quotes and supervision of agreed renovations/property adjustments (outside and inside)
√ Stock-up on cleaning materials, glasses, plates etc.
√ Preparation of inventory lists (if required)
√ Photo shoot of your property

House Staging Service

House Staging is about creating a highly positive impression. It is beyond just decorating and cleaning. It is about perfecting the art of creating moods. Staging makes your house look more spacious, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more welcoming and, best of all; it makes homebuyers want to buy it.

The idea behind staging is to allow rooms to show themselves. "If your home is vacant, it's soulless". Apart from the more usual change of colours, adding of key furniture items, there are many simple inexpensive tricks to transform your property into the desirable home, for example:

- De-clutter rooms and neutralise house (store items not needed daily away)

- Add baskets filled with spa treatments in the bathroom

- Dress up your balcony or terrace with plants

Winter Management

Winter Management is a basic package designed to protect and maintain your property while it is empty. It can also apply to properties that have been rented out on a long-term basis and require a trusted local manager to deal with any issues that may arise.

As anyone who has lived here knows, most of the year is hot, dry and sunny, however, it can also be very humid. The special climate means that a house that is left closed up is likely to develop mildew. A simple monthly dust and airing can limit this problem. Equally, early detection of minor problems such as a loose roof tile or a leaking pipe can minimise the cost and heartache.

SHV will visit your property at regular intervals to collect post and check your property both inside and out. Additional ad-hoc visits will be made following a heavy storm or significant rainfall.

If you have decided to move on and sell your property, a freshly cleaned and maintained property will be much more appealing to a prospective buyer and achieve a better final price. (You may also want to have a look at the House Staging package below.)

The basic Winter Management package starts at €50 + VAT per month

Winter Management package includes:

√  Post collection
√  Checking and querying of utility bills
√  Security house inspections
√  Supervision of pool maintenance
√  Supervision of garden maintenance
√  Supervision of maintenance house cleaning
√  Scheduled revision and maintenance of appliances etc.
√  Contractor property access
√  Additional Property Services

SHV also offers a wide range of Additional Services for your property or your personal needs.

Additional Services include:

√ organisation and supervision of house repairs
√ obtaining builders quotes
√ dealing with local council/ayuntamiento issues (IBI, registration/empadronamiento, road tax, √ building permissions etc.)
√ NIE registration
√ change titular of utility contracts
√ international car transfers
√ opening bank accounts
√ arranging or amending home, car and health insurance
√ installation of burglar alarm, Satellite TV
√ moving arrangements
√ setting up a property for the rental business covering all aspects from furniture purchase to garden re-design
√ arranging domestic help
√ organising a party...

If you are interested in any of the above services or would just like and informal chat about how SHV could assist with the management of your property please call us on UK 020 3287 6597 / Spain 677 688 857 or email us.

We work with End2End for all accountiing issues and declarations: http://end2end.eu